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Big Sheikh – Earning App


Big Sheikh is big big new cash earning app in Pakistan and which is a leading online marketplace for all your gadgets. Begin your personal enterprise from home with zero funding.

Start your own business online. Browse, share, and sell products you like and start earning from your home in minutes!

BigSheikh is Pakistan’s No.1 big big cash app with top quality products and the fastest growing network of resellers.

How to get sell using the “BigSheikh Earning App”?

  1. Browse thru exclusive categories of merchandise and choose those you like and locate relevant.
  2. Begin sharing catalogs and product pictures along with your contacts the use of the proportion options inside the App.
  3. When you receive orders or inquiries from capacity customers, start sharing product fees.
  4. Quote a rate on your client with your income margin brought.
  5. Vicinity the order in your patron.
  6. BigSheikh will acquire the full amount (product price + delivery fee + your margin) and supply the product for you.
  7. As soon as the product is introduced to your patron, your margin can be deposited into your Local Bank account.

Why use BigSheikh?

0 funding

Make Cash Online from earning app, in your personal time schedule from the consolation with 0 investment.

MAKE Cash Online.

Earn part time or begin your own commercial enterprise online. The extra you proportion and sell, the extra cash you could make plus weekly bonuses. Additionally, you can charge your customers whatever you need. You’re always on top of things.

Best merchandise

We source merchandise for this earning app from the pinnacle brands, wholesalers, and producers in business at low wholesale prices.

Big Sheikh – 24/7 help

We’re going to help you each step of the manner. From help with setting your first order to assist Making Cash with earning app . We’re absulutely here for you as and when you need any help.

EASE OF thoughts

We’re going to take care of delivery and bills so that you can focus to your customers.

Coins ON transport

Offer cash on delivery to your customers to construct trust. No upfront cost to you or your clients. As soon as the order is delivered, we will switch your margin in your bank account.

Timely bills by Big Sheikh

We recognize your profits are crucial to you and make sure that your payments are comfy and made on time. Bills to you are at once deposited in your financial institution account.

Be part of others like you reselling online today!

Starting is easy

Earning app you can work in your own schedule from the comfort of your home with zero investment.

Make Online reliable income

The more you share and sell, the more money you can make plus weekly bonuses.

Reselling made easy

We’ll take care of delivery and payments so you can focus on your customers.

Earn upto Rs25,000 per month

Join others like you reselling online today!

Your questions answered

What is the “BigSheikh earning app”?
BigSheikh is a marketplace of suppliers and resellers. We make selling online via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc super easy and risk free. Users on our App who share and sell products are called Resellers. Our products are sourced from top brands, wholesalers, and manufacturers who are collectively called Suppliers.

What are Resellers?
A reseller is anyone that purchases goods for the purpose of selling them again. Reselling is the business of acquiring goods from a wholesaler or manufacturer in order to sell them again after adding a profit margin.

How to sell using the “BigSheikh App”?
Browse through different categories of products and select the ones you like and find relevant.
Start sharing catalogs and product images with your contacts using the share options in the App.
Once you receive orders or inquiries from potential customers, start sharing product prices.
Quote a price to your customer with your profit margin added.
Place the order for your customer.
BigSheikh will collect the total amount (product cost + delivery fee + your margin) and deliver the product for you.
Once the product is delivered to your customer, your margin will be deposited into your bank account.
Will my customer know that the product is from me?
Yes. We will show you as the sender without any mention of “BigSheikh or earning app” on the parcel. These are your customers and BigSheikh stays in the background.

What is the margin earned?
You can charge your customers whatever you want. You’re always in control. The price you quote your customers should take in consideration the cost of the product to you, plus any delivery charges, plus your added margin. You can add your margin upon checkout.

How much does BigSheikh charge?
BigSheikh Reseller App is FREE to download and use. Start your business without any investment today!

How I will receive my payments?
Once the order is delivered and cash is paid by the customer, our delivery partners will release the payment. Payments are directly deposited to your bank account within 10 business days.

How to become a Reseller on BigSheikh earning app?
About anyone. To begin, all you need is a phone and an internet connection. You can start your business in minutes without any investment, and that too from the comfort of your home.

What is a catalog?
A catalog is a collection of similar products. BigSheikh groups products and lists them as a catalog. For example, a catalog of similar t-shirts available in 5 different colors.

How To Download the BigSheikh Earning App ?

Get Started
01 Get the App
Download the BigSheikh App from the Google Play Store and create your Account.

02 Share Catalogs
Browse and find the products you want to sell and start sharing them via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

03 Receive Orders
Add the margin you want to earn and place the order for your customer. We’ll deliver and collect the payment, including your margin, for you.

How To Install BigSheikh Earning App?


Got a question? Reach out to support@farebin.com. The Team of BigSheikh earning app is super friendly!

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